Dr. Joseph Y. Chu 朱耀祖, 腦及神經專科醫生

Dr. Chu was born in Hong Kong and subsequently came to Toronto in 1970 to complete his high school. He finished his medical studies at the University of Toronto and became a certified specialist by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in both Internal Medicine and Neurology. In 1984, he opened a private consultative Neurological practice in Etobicoke and since then has cared for many Chinese Canadian patients afflicted with neurological and nervous system disorders.

In his spare time, he is very active within the Chinese Canadian Council of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada and was a past President from 1999 to 2001. He is currently the Chair of Research and is actively involved with ongoing clinical research on the stroke patterns of Chinese living in Canada. He has published peer-reviewed articles on this topic and is a popular visiting Professor to many countries including People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA. He has found singing fun and relaxing since his teens. This will be his fourth performance as a Charity singer at this gala and hope everyone will find his performance this year entertaining.

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The Magnificent Seven –  Doctors singing group

The Magnificent Seven are a doctors singing group, founded over five years ago. This group led by Dr. Andrew Chung consists of seven doctors that include Dr. Andrew Chung, Dr. Michael Ho, Dr. Peter Chan, Dr. William Chan, Dr. Sibra Wu, Dr. Thomas Tam, and Dr. Jeffrey Fong. They are all established physicians currently practicing in the Metro Toronto area. Everyone in this group has special interests and experience in music and singing, a couple also have television experience. This group emphasizes on harmony in music and singing, bringing out the best sound effect for the audience. The music director Dr. Wu plays the keyboard, and guitar. Dr. Chan plays the guitar and the rest of the group all share the vocal performance. These singers are amateurs with high professional standards. They have appeared in multiple performances in the Toronto communities, and have received excellent reviews and comments.

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The Revivals – Celebrity Singers

Tom Ng – Producer
Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco
Justin Poy
Margaret Hui
Susan Gong
Kitty Tseung MBA, FRI
Jasmine Meng
Oscar Wong

The Revivals are the latest group of celebrity singers that many of you may know from the origins of Sing For Your Heart. Kitty Tseung, Margaret Hui and Justin Poy are a few of the original singers from the early to mid-90’s who will join other community leaders such as Vaughan Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco, Susan Gong and Jasmine Meng in a beautifully choreographed production of classics from the movies. We are very fortunate to even have the original Sing For Your Heart producer, Tom Ng, producing this revival of talent! Enjoy “The Revivals”!

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